Eliot Small Engine

For over the past 8+ years, we have partnered with LEPCO to carry their high-quality product lines. LEPCO has been, and continues to be, an invaluable business partner in our day-to-day operations. From next day shipping on parts to a reliable and robust inventory, their all-around customer service-oriented team goes above and beyond to deliver. This enables our business to provide the best service to our customers. We appreciate the open relationship we share with the LEPCO sales and service team.

When we have new ideas to reach markets and customers, LEPCO responds in support. We enjoy showing our customers the backing we have behind us. In 2014, we asked our Territory Manager if LEPCO would host several of our key prospects at their facility to talk business, Exmark product, and service & support. Our mutual goal was to influence their purchasing decisions. LEPCO embraced this endeavor and helped us seal the deal and sell our prospects on Exmark. The success we experienced with this experiment has grown. Since that initial meeting, similar opportunities have been made available to other dealers and prospect customers. LEPCO’s desire to do what’s right for our business and help us provide the best for our customers is what sets them apart in this industry.

Mike Churchill
Eliot Small Engine Repair

Suburban Lawn Equipment

We have had the honor and pleasure to work with LEPCO for over 35 years now. They have been with my business in good times and bad. From daily customer support that is second to none to programs designed to make dealers more profitable, LEPCO goes above and beyond for their dealers. Their staff is professional, knowledgeable and supportive in ways I do not experience with other vendors. They truly do their best to keep dealers and customers happy.

The performance rebate program has been the biggest blessing. Many times, at the end of the season, my salesman would walk in and hand me a performance rebate check. These benefits could not come at a better time. LEPCO’s entire team is conscious of our inner workings and they always strive to do what is right for us. From carrying the best brands in ECHO and Exmark to offering marketing solutions that target prospective customers with pinpoint accuracy, I truly feel that you get the best bang for your dollar and are always one step closer to reaching your goals.

If you are reading this review, it is not a puff piece, you can call me anytime, it will be my pleasure to tell you what a great company LEPCO is. Do not hesitate to become a business partner with LEPCO; just do it, it will be the best business decision you ever made. The Clark family and their extended family will become your new business partners for the present and the future.  

Tony Petruccelli
Suburban Lawn & Equipment

Brodner Equipment Inc

For over 40 years, I have owned and operated a full-service outdoor power equipment dealership in upstate New York. Over those years, my company has worked with a large variety of distributors and manufacturers – some good, and some bad. For over 10 years now, I have worked with Lawn Equipment Parts Company and I have to say, nobody does it better than LEPCO.

The support from sales, service, parts, and marketing has been outstanding. My favorite is probably parts. Our dealership believes in selling OEM parts and accessories. Using the LEPCO programs like pre-season and in-season booking allows us to not only have product on the shelf when our customers need it, but to be able to sell at pricing competitive to aftermarket. Our daily parts stock orders placed before 2:00 p.m. arrive the next day and the shipping cost is a very reasonable set price, not like many other companies.

As an independent dealer, it is nice to deal with a company that truly is committed to helping my dealership be both competitive and profitable in our industry. Nothing is ever perfect, but I feel they are always working to improve and are always there to listen to any concerns or ideas.

Timothy Baum, President
Brodner Equipment Inc