The LEPCO Difference

LEPCO amplifies the value of each brand and dealer partner, demonstrating a commitment to the industry that is second to none.

We Operate with Pride

Our family-owned and operated business model has ensured close-knit business relationships throughout the years. Maintaining these relationships and our reputation for outstanding service is our daily focus. Swift to act, we never sacrifice quality in product or support and are loyal to our strategic partners. We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we add more value?” to every task we carry out and every decision we make. 

LEPCO focuses on proper inventory management to help dealers achieve the most profitable level of inventory turns. Through our Performance Rebate Program, dealers are able to reduce inventory risk, model mix challenges, and carrying costs. Our Inventory Protection Program focuses on retailing interest-bearing inventory by sharing the interest costs. Combined with strategic booking programs and top-rated logistics, dealers benefit from savvy ordering processes, next-day service, and dependable fill rates. LEPCO’s own financial strength supports ongoing operational innovation and stability even in the most challenging economic conditions. 

In addition to core programming, LEPCO has a full team supporting both manufacturers and retailers in the channel, including: business consultants, technical service, marketing, customer support, and credit. 

We Continuously Improve

LEPCO is five decades strong and committed to our future. Always hungry to discover new opportunities and areas of growth, LEPCO understands that small gains over time make a big impact in the long view. We’re dedicated to serving the dealer of today – and of tomorrow. We strive to be the distributor of choice for years to come. We put our money where our future is – investing in our state-of-the art facility, our people and our next generation.

We Serve with Integrity

Do the right thing, all the time, every time. We have high standards of service and performance, which means we believe in transparency and accountability to earn your trust and respect. We proudly serve each other and our partners, as well as the greater community through volunteerism and charity.

We Create Successful Partners

Your success is important to us! We empower our channel partners and team members to innovate and grow, and we work hard to design profit-generating programs for all. Over our 50+ years in doing business, we’ve built a strong new dealer development methodology as well as ongoing business planning and support. Our retail-based sales readiness programs grow a dealer’s revenue and increase market share. We believe in unity and working as one with our strategic partners to accomplish greatness at every point in the channel.

successful outdoor power equipment partnerships

We Prioritize Family Culture

As a third-generation family business, we cultivate a unique culture for our staff and working relationships that is centered around people. Our team is human and values personal relationships where acceptance, generosity and kindness rule. When you put people first, success follows. 

Territory Management with a Team Focus

Delivering an industry-leading dealer experience is where our difference lies. Every dealer is assigned a strategic partner in their territory manager. This is the day-to-day go-to contact, who also offers business consultancy, product management and retail support. But because teamwork is at the heart of how LEPCO operates, you will be surrounded by sales management, inside sales representatives, product demonstrators, service technicians, accountants and a marketing team. Together we work to assist dealers in the promotion and sale of products. Dealers benefit from profit-generating programs, merchandising support, turn-key advertising programs, retail promotions, customer communications plans, sales and product training events, service schools and credit counseling. When a dealer calls customer support, they get a live voice on the other end ready to serve!

Product demonstration allows a dealer and their territory manager to offer product trials to prospective landscapers. A product demonstrator offers a hands-on experience for a crew on one of their specific job sites.

Product demonstrators also support dealer events at the dealership or within the community. Trade show? Open house? DIY workshop? A product demonstrator can bring demo units and a wealth of knowledge to such dealer-led events. 

Amplified Value

Brand value, dealer value, customer value. We work hard to amplify that value and move it along the channel.

When we provide quality products and exceptional service to our group of independent dealers, they in turn provide a higher level of service and support to the end-users of all the brands we represent. It’s how we all achieve forward motion in our businesses – and our hearts.

Michael Shafer, Territory Manager

Territory Manager since 2013

Both the relationships I’ve made within the walls of LEPCO and the ones outside with our dealers are like no other. I love to grow and help my dealers grow. LEPCO is my home – the people have helped me grow. I’ve learned that my smile is my logo, my personality is my business card, and how I leave others feeling after they have an experience with me is my trademark.

Eric Hosler, Service Technician

Service Technician since 2022

I am enjoying the family atmosphere, getting to know people, and working in a very clean shop.

Kirsten Sourbeer, HR Generalist/Accounting Manager

HR Generalist/Accounting Manager since 2009

I enjoy working at LEPCO because of the family atmosphere. You hear companies stating they are family-oriented or are like a family and you later find out that is not correct. With LEPCO, it’s actually true.

Jenn Ridgeway, ERP Systems Administrator

ERP Systems Administrator since 2020

The camaraderie makes LEPCO a well oiled machine.

Lori Bauer, Warehouse Associate

Warehouse Associate since 2020

Love the people I work with. I never knew I could learn so much about lawn equipment.

Glen Burkholder, Service Manager

Service Manager since 1994

The success of LEPCO started with Merrell and continues today with Jeff, Mark, and Andrew. Today’s changing business model is dynamic and LEPCO finds a way to be a successful business partner and employer.

Jennifer Konopinski, Brian Konopinski Inc

Brian Konopinski Inc

It has been a pleasure doing business with LEPCO over the past 20 years. Together we have both grown into much larger, successful businesses. I love the fact that I know the customer service, service and credit departments on a first name basis.

Glen Burkholder, Service Manager

Service Manager since 1994

LEPCO has been generous. After 2 years as Assistant Service Manager, I was promoted to Service Manager. I was young and a bit green, but LEPCO gave me the chance to prove myself. Things worked out well and again I was given the opportunity to grow into the parts purchasing role about 10 years ago. I am grateful and thankful for those opportunities and for LEPCO’s generosity. Many employees and management I consider friends and not just coworkers.

Jennifer Konopinski, Brian Konopinski Inc

Brian Konopinski Inc

LEPCO goes above and beyond to help us dealers find the information that we need. If they do not have the answer, they will contact whoever they need to, to get us the correct answer. Customer satisfaction is especially important to LEPCO, and often even though the customer may have been wrong, LEPCO steps up and takes care of the problem for them to satisfy the customer. It has been a privilege doing business with this company.

Al Weinsteiger, Power Pro Equipment

Power Pro Equipment

It’s always a pleasure dealing with all the employees at LEPCO. They are always willing to help.

LEPCO Updates

Unveiling the Refreshed

We recently launched a new logo, refreshed mission and vision statements and recommitted core values. Our refreshed website reflects LEPCO’s brand.