We are excited to unveil the newly-designed LEPCO.com that matches the updated brand elements.

We recently launched a new logo, refreshed mission and vision statements and recommitted core values. These elements aren’t just snappy phrases to fill our About Us page.  “Companies use mission, vision and value statements to connect to customers and display the goals, beliefs and moral values of the company itself. These statements can give a customer a quick look at what the company stands for and considers important.  (Indeed) The LEPCO Executive Team worked hard to make sure every word reflects who LEPCO is.

So, in case you missed it, let me (re)introduce you to LEPCO…

LEPCO is an experienced, mature, steadfast leader who is dignified, trustworthy and loyal at heart. A team-builder by nature, LEPCO has an engaging charm and seeks out opportunities to go the extra mile to offer assistance. Even though LEPCO has a lot of wisdom to share, it never stops innovating or strategically planning for its future. LEPCO is always on the hunt for continuous improvement, including ways to help others reach their full potential.

  • Our North Star & Guiding Principle: Value Amplification – To amplify is to strengthen or increase. We apply what we do well to the value already coming through the channel – and amplify that value exponentially.
  • Mission Statement: LEPCO is a value multiplier through the channel and community.
  • Vision Statement: LEPCO will accrue confidence, trust and respect as the leading distributor of choice, year after year, for generations to come.
  • Core Values
    • Operate with Pride 
    • Continuously Improve
    • Serve with Integrity
    • Create Successful Partners
    • Prioritize Family Culture

LEPCO has always been and always will be a dependable partner in the OPE distribution chain. We’ve continued to be progressive in programming and business relationships and seek to operate with integrity. We may have a new look, but we are as focused on service as ever. Thank you for being part of our family!